S.M.A.A History

In 1947, volunteers who were working with the youth of the community decided that with the collaboration of their efforts, mutual support and assistance would be given to each other and structured sport programs could be provided for the areas minor aged players; thus, the *Sarnia Minor Athletic Association was founded. (*aka S.M.A.A.)

In 1948, City Council recognized that by providing organized minor sport programs to the youth of the area, the S.M.A.A. was having a great effect in the community; therefore, council agreed to give some financial assistance to the S.M.A.A.

In 1949, with the formation of a Recreation Commission and the appointment of a Recreation Director an affiliation was established with the S.M.A.A. by the Commission. This support continues to this day.

On May 12, 1975, the S.M.A.A. became incorporated (letters patent) and has a Constitution & Bylaw for guidance.

In 1984, the S.M.A.A. received "Registered Charity" designation from Revenue Canada.