Thank you to Judy Kabat for stepping up to assist our current Chairperson Karen Bartlett. We will now be offering Golf this year!


Where to register: Chaytor Building (Snack Bar Building) in Germain Park

Registration closing date is Friday June 2, 2017.

Cost: $120/child.  Each additional child registered from the same family $110.00/child. 

Youth Golf Program is run through the months of July and August each year. The 2017 season will run from Wednesday July 5th  to  Wednesday August 23rd.  The Golf Program will be held at the Holiday Inn. It is designed to give our youth basic golf skills, an understanding of golf etiquette, and an overall knowledge of the game.

The program runs once a week and the registration time is 6:45am. The lesson portion of the program runs from 7:00am to 7:30am.  There is a shot gun start at 7:30am with the program ending between 9:30am and 10:00am.  The early start keeps costs down and doesn’t interfere with other programs. We are offering a Wednesday morning program.  The program is limited to the 1st sixty-four youth registered, eight teams of eight players. Children’s ages are restricted to between ten and sixteen.

Volunteers are used to organize the kids, help with scoring and oversee their play on the course. A Golf Professional teaches the new golfers the techniques of the game and they practice these techniques when they are out on the course. Our Pro does a fifteen minute teaching session at the start of each regular week, and does a quick review from time to time to reinforce the first lesson. As time permits, he’ll watch the players tee off as they play a round of golf and coaches them as necessary.

The fourth week of August is usually our wrap-up week. Scores will not count. The final day is a fun day but they do play 9 holes of golf with a “closest to the hole” event and a “longest drive event”. Lunch is provided for all and trophies are given to the winning team and those that scored the best during the program.

The kids like the program and hopefully go on learning and improving their game.

The program is a great way to introduce your child to the game of golf, but it’s the Volunteers and the Golf Pro that make it work. 

Questions or want to volunteer? Contact Karen Bartlett at 519-899-4224.